Shane Kempton

About Me

"My passion is to "Build a life by design & not just accept the default option".
My obsession is to "Help others build a life of their design & not just accept the default option".
My desire is to hang out with others who think the same way. Who's in?

"Inspiration with Accountability" says it all. 6 foot 4 inches tall and 110kg, Shane Kempton is born, bred and proudly Western Australian. He has experienced life and business from many perspectives and at the highest level. From serving his country as a Soldier, including time working with the Australian SAS, Business Owner of Australia's Number 1 real estate office for the Harcourts/Roy Weston Group, through to state CEO of an international brand.

Using his successful background, which includes the military, Property Development, Real Estate, Construction, Training Organisations, Parenthood, Small Business Owner, Chairman on both non for profit and commercial entities, Shane now shares the wisdom from his vast life experiences via his business coaching, training, keynote speeches, consultancy and mentoring services.

Being a loving family man, blessed with 4 healthy children and two Grandchildren, Shane has a strong sense community responsibility and gives back to it in various ways. By applying his Masonic values of “Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth”, he has been involved with several charities for many years and at various levels, including the Sir Richard Branson Breakfast that raised in excess of $160,000.

Currently he is the President of an Ex Service Organisation (ESO) which helps both current serving and veterans from our Defence Force settle back into the community and by providing Advocacy, Pension and Welfare services. His organisation is also an official fund raiser for Legacy, which provides financial relief for families of fallen Defence Force members.

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