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Most Powerful You

12/09/2014 | Shane Kempton


There are five disciplines which you have absolute control over that promote the most powerful YOU. They are; the food you put into your body, the information you feed your mind, how much you exercise, the thoughts you focus on and the attitude you show up with. When you create powerful habits in all five disciplines, you begin to live a life without limits.

Here's to the Most Powerful YOU

Shane Kempton

Going Beyond Compliance

04/12/2013 | Shane Kempton

Great organisations are made up of people who go the extra mile. The experience they create is beyond what is paid for or expected. Organisations that are driven by “Fear & Intimidation” will only, at best get their people to comply. Organisations driven by “Love & Inclusion” will at worse get their people to comply, but more likely, they will go beyond the call of duty. Leaders who love bring out the best in others.

Live your life and make it a great day, every day.

Shane Kempton

Why You Started

30/11/2013 | Shane Kempton

There will always be challenges, but also friends who support you, so DONT QUIT. Live your life.

Shane Kempton

Give A Tablet

28/11/2013 | Shane Kempton

Feeling down? One cause of negative thinking is self-absorption or “Poor Me” thinking. Anxiety is felt by projecting into the future & stressing over events that may not happen. Yet generous people rarely suffer from negativity. They live in the now & focus on others. Therefore, metaphorically speaking the cure may not be to “take two tablets” but to “give a tablet” or iPhone” or some of your time to another in need.

Make it a great day, every day.

Shane Kempton

Supporting Your Brilliance

25/11/2013 | Shane Kempton

Who do you value more, clients or family? Seems obvious, but not always the reality. As professionals we are always on time, well mannered & generous. Yet, we get so busy being busy, we are less respectful towards our family. We are late coming home without calling, short with our loved ones because of a bad day & self absorbed with work priorities. Be mindful of WHY you do what you do & WHO supports your brilliance.


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