Shane Kempton

Business Coaching


Success at the highest level involves having a clearly defined Direction, Vision and Values you believe in and stand for. Plus understanding the Intent of your business, other than monetary profits creates a meaningful business with a real purpose. When you get clear on these essential elements, recruitment and retention of key team members becomes much more aligned. By capturing all this vital information in an easy to use and evolving business plan helps you as the Business Owner, Principal and/or Manager stay on track more often. With Business Coaching you truly get "Inspiration with Accountability".


  • Access to all of Shane Kempton’s proven systems & resources
  • Clarity on Vision, Purpose, Values & Direction
  • Simple & effective Business Plan
  • Ongoing Accountability
  • Sounding board for decisions, ideas and day to day operations
  • Strategies to go from "In" to “On” your business

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