Shane Kempton

Kids Helping Kids

"Life is a peaceful journey when you view it through an "All Is One" lens. It has the power to transform me thinking into we thinking, opening our eyes to the gift of giving, the strength in compassion and the lasting happiness found in generosity. Now imagine the impact on the world if we share the Light of those insights to a generation of kids. WOW! That's my passion and vision for Kids Helping Kids."
Shane Kempton

What is Kids Helping Kids?

Kids Helping Kids is an initiative that encourages young healthy kids to get involved and raise money for seriously ill and disadvantaged children and their families who need help through difficult times.

It's as easy as raising $25 a month for one year – but the difference this makes to the family of a seriously ill child is remarkable.

Why is it different?

What makes Kids Helping Kids unique is, by raising money themselves each month for kids who need a helping hand, we are teaching our children to be dependable, selfless and kind.

How do I get involved in Kids Helping Kids?

Getting involved is as easy as signing up for a small, monthly donation that you can make via direct debit from your bank account or via credit card, for 12 months.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently only applicable to Australian residents

Download the donation form. Simply print out and fill in the details. Send completed forms to the directed address.

Contact me for more information.