Shane Kempton


Shane is a great mentor. The only time he looks down on someone is when he's picking them up.

Karen Nicol
Sales Consultant
Marlows Vision Equity

Hi Shane,

Thank you for your enjoyable training session on Friday. I was one of those people you spoke about early in the program, who would have be happy to take away one thing away from such training. By the end of the day I had several key points written down and by the afternoon had implemented some of them. As consequence by Saturday afternoon had yielded one listing and an appraisal. I have only been in the industry about 6 months and have done well out of listings gained from enquiries to the office but have not managed any results from direct prospecting. I now have a very regimented prospecting campaign incorporating mail outs, daily phone calls and door knocking. Having gained all of this from one session I look forward to attending the rest and hopefully being a key contributor to ‘Team Shane Kempton’.

Michael Atkinson
Marketing Consultant
Professionals Northern Coast

It is with pleasure that I write this reference on behalf of Shane Kempton who was one of the keynote speakers at our recent conference held at the Sandalford Winery - Upper Swan.

We found his style on the topic of "Inspiration with Accountability" to be both clear and positive, entertaining and informative. He offered sound and experienced quidance in various areas regarding our attitudes to family, business and life in general. This was encouraging as it was based around his own personal experiences.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Shane as a keynote speaker for your next conference or workshop.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss this matter further then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mark Murphy

It is a joy to work with Shane – a speaker and educator who truly makes a difference in the lives of those who experience him. Shane is a presenter with a BIG background, BIG visionary themes, BIG voice, BIG body and BIG body of work. He is also an educator who has you pay attention to the tiny – tiny details that make significant differences and tiny ideas that grow into exciting realities.

It has been great to share thoughts, ideas, presentations and stages with Shane. Every Conference and Organisation should experience this man and his message.

Glenn Capelli
BA Dip Ed MACE Churchill Fellow
Author of Thinking Caps

I was delighted with my results this month. I would like to thank you for your coaching over the last 4 weeks. I have learnt a tremendous amount and will be passing your "secrets to success" to the rest of my team. Hopefully they will gain some benefits just like I have. You have helped me in all walks of my life, personal and business as you have always stated you must have a balanced life and with your guidance hopefully I am on my way to achieving this. I would not hesitate in recommending you. I have found your sessions very informative, helpful and motivating. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Thank you, thank you!

Tracey-Lea Gilbert
Choice Home Loans

After just one session with you, I have renewed confidence in my ability to confront some issues I face with my two small businesses and in my personal life, some of which I have been avoiding for some time.

I now have four strategies that I can easily implement that will address some of my biggest stumbling blocks. They are all simple to remember and thankfully I can see they will fit in with my busy schedule. I expect your suggestions to be invaluable over the coming months and years.

The manner in which you listened to me carefully, and then so quickly presented well-informed responses, was impressive, particularly as I wanted to cover a lot of ground.

Thank you so much, Shane, for your honesty, positivity and encouragement.


Louise Minty
Business Owner
Secret Ingredients and Xpresswrite

The Online Classified Team decided to conduct a workshop at the beginning of year. We were fortunate enough to engage Shane Kempton to assist in this workshop for half a day. Shane made a significant impact on every staff member, contributing to the fantastic level of motivation shown in the second half of the day which was business plans for the year. Shane has an innate ability to inspire and motivate whilst remaining down to earth and pragmatic in his approach. Fairfax Digital WA will continue to work with Shane to further build a strong and positive team.

Sarah Hopkins
State Sales Manager WA Fairfax Digita

Shane knows people. He is a great team builder and is a Thought Leader on so much more than just real estate or sales. He is the master at helping people get six figure success and work 20 hours a week. His Thought Leaders community is an amazing network of mentors and coaches who help businesses grow at the speed of relationship. The principle that we are one click away from any idea or contact is elegant in its simplicity. Work with Shane if you get the chance. A great speaker or coach!

Matt Church
Thought Leaders Mentor

Shane Kempton - I've always admired you as both a real estate professional and a coach and speaker, but as of Friday you will forever live in my mind as an absolute legend! The event you spearheaded featuring Sir Richard Branson was a roaring success. As MC you controlled and guided the room with your signature style, the other speakers were sensational and the event was exceptionally well put together. Congratulations on the amazing $160,000 + tally you raised for the charity involved and thank you for allowing myself and the other 600+ attendees such an amazing morning of inspiration and motivation.

Kirsty Dunphey

I write this letter of reference with absolute pleasure on behalf of Mr Shane Kempton. Our relationship with Shane has been ongoing now for 2 years and his honesty, energy, enthusiasm, “can do” attitude, “nothing is ever a problem” attitude, awesome people and business skills and the list can go on, is second to none. I feel very positive and enthusiastic about the benefit we have received in this space of time and what we will continue to receive and achieve going forward with Shane. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

James Limnios
Dip. Re, EMBA (UWA)
CEO, Limnios Property Group

To my fellow travelers on the undulating and often bumpy road to success; Having known Shane for approximately the last 15 years I have witnessed him excel at each level in real estate from Salesperson to Manager to Office Owner to CEO of a major group. He has recently set out on a new journey as professional speaker and coach and it is my sincere belief that this is where he will meet and be appreciated for his true potential.

I have had the privilege to benefit personally from my friendship and interaction with Shane during the time I have known him however I recently invited him to provide a keynote talk and a life planning presentation for our real estate franchise group and our people were enormously impressed. More importantly they have now requested more opportunities to work with Shane to convert his plan for success and happiness into reality.

We will be looking to further cement our relationship with Shane and I highly recommend his unique approach to anyone who is sincere about their own prosperity and that of their business.

Geoff Baldwin
Managing Director

At our recent annual conference at the Vines Resort, Shane Kempton presented an inspiring session to the group providing an excellent overview on personal leadership, creating a winning mindset, living life above the line and implementing to win. The feedback since has been extremely positive.

Glenn McTaggart
Region Real Estate Manager WA

Thank you Shane!

What a beautiful and powerful Pay-It-Forward session. In 30minutes you have transformed my thinking and set me on my rightful path. No longer do I feel the need to play small, apologise for my BIG dreams or hide that I have a heart the size of Texas.

You disproved a premise I adopted as a child and my associated limiting beliefs are crumbling by the minute. Not bad going - 30minutes to dissolve 30years!

I have so much gratitude.

Sonja Petersen
Business Owner
Petersens Homeopathics

In the last 3 years you have helped me live my life again by design. Through your encouragement and support you have empowered us to manifest our ideas into rapid growth in our businesses. The exciting aspect to all of this is that what we have achieved together so far is only the beginning of a very exciting journey that lays ahead.

Thanks mate. Looking forward to sharing the unfolding of the vision with you.

Jonathan Marlow
Marlow Real Estate

Shane Kempton is a master speaker, presenter and facilitator. His capacity to engage an audience and move them to action is world class.
Do yourself a favour. Book him and let him do what he does best... Build you a better, stronger and more successful business.
You will never forget him.

Pat Mesiti
Coach, Author, Speaker

Mr Kempton I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Sir Richard Branson, and also listen to Pat Mesiti and Glen Capelli at the breakfast on Friday (March 19th). I am still buzzing from the experience, and feel I learnt a lot from it.

It truly was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to meet such a great man, and an experience I am sure I will never forget.

I also think that giving the proceeds to Strike a Chord was a great idea, and I now feel motivated to start fundraising for this organization back at my school.

Thank you once again.

Daniel Hadler

Shane Kempton recently spoke at the Professionals Symposium introducing himself to the Group for the 1st Time. His presentation was structured as an interview to our Principals with the Vision to help the Group with its training. Shane completed his interview with Flying Colours. He certainly inspired everyone in the room with his knowledge of the Real Estate Industry and his Positive Life skills needed to succeed in everyday living. Shane’s energetic honest style is a Blessing to this industry.

David Hobbs
Chief Executive Officer
Professionals State Service Centre

I just want to say thank you for your weekly emails. I receive your latest email and just wanted to say "Fantastic" I have read it to a group of young students and they absolutely got it. In fact I feel its made a big impact right there and then.

Once again thank you.

I hope you and your family are safe.

Angela Stone
Angela Stone Consulting

Dear Shane,

Where do you come up with this stuff? You're like a "rockstar" of the positive thinking world the way you just keep getting your message out.

Keep on doing it. You are simply a wonderful human being Shane. It's great to have such a thinker around.....Thoughts create our reality.

Paul Hanich
Senior Sales Consultant
Professionals Wellstead Team

I have worked with a lot of advisors over the years and spent quite a few dollars trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and within a remarkably short time my team has vastly grown from working with Shane Kempton. Since his involvement, Shane has offered substantial coaching and motivational techniques to put our big rocks into place and has developed quarterly and yearly planning systems to ensure our success over the last months and the coming future. His remarkable strength is bringing clarity and simplicity to our vision and has enabled us to set the wheels in motion to create a new stepping stone in our industry. Fuelled by knowledge, experience and skill, Shane is a master of his field and is an asset to not only individual personal development, but also to companies as a whole.

Brendan Leahy
Brendan Leahy Real Estate

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