Shane Kempton

Key Note Speaker

Shane Kempton has presence, even if he is speaking to an audience of 3000 at the Australian Real Estate Conference (AREC) or at a Sales Meeting of 5 people, his style is authentic, down to earth and most importantly inspiring. His philosophy is to only speak on topics and actions he has done and proven himself, which can be felt in the energy and passion he brings to the room. Shane walks his talk and he is authentic. His topics include;

  • The 10 Elements for a Successful Business - Successful business without side effects
  • Meaningful Business - Building a business with a real purpose
  • Inspired Leadership - Leadership principals to inspire greatness
  • Real Estate Thought Leadership - become the "go to" expert
  • Creating Your Best Year Ever - Life by design, not default option
  • The 6.2.8. Solution - A time and/or self management strategy
  • The Diamond Within - designed for High Schools and Teenagers

Also customised Key notes to suit your conference, workshop or meeting.

Because of his inspirational personality and business experience both at a small business and international board level, Shane can also serve as a meeting facilitator, board chairman or Master of Ceremonies for your next event.

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