Shane Kempton

Welcome to Shane Kempton

Welcome to Shane Kempton

Shane Kempton is a professional Accountability Coach, Business Mentor and Keynote Speaker. His core purpose is to help individuals and businesses to get clarity around their vision, intent and values, whilst keeping them accountable to a simple, yet very effective business plan. He offers sound and experienced guidance around strategy, structure, success and succession with the intent of enhancing profits and lifestyle.

Client Testimonial

I have worked with a lot of advisors over the years and spent quite a few dollars trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff, and within a remarkably short time my team has vastly grown from working with Shane Kempton. Since his involvement, Shane has offered substantial coaching and motivational techniques to put our big rocks into place and has developed quarterly and yearly planning systems to ensure our success over the last months and the coming future. His remarkable strength is bringing clarity and simplicity to our vision and has enabled us to set the wheels in motion to create a new stepping stone in our industry. Fuelled by knowledge, experience and skill, Shane is a master of his field and is an asset to not only individual personal development, but also to companies as a whole.

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Most Powerful You

12/09/2014 | Shane Kempton

There are five disciplines which you have absolute control over that promote the most powerful YOU. They are; the food you put into your body, the information you feed your mind, how much you exercise, the thoughts you focus on and the attitude you show up with. When you create powerful habits in all five disciplines, you begin to live a life without limits.
Here's to the Most Powerful YOU
Shane Kempton


  • Keynote Speaker
    Be prepared to be inspired, no matter if there are 5 people in the room or 5000, Shane will entertain and educate.
  • Chairman
    Shane has boardroom experience including Schools, sporting clubs, SME, to international corporates, providing inspiration with accountability.
  • Business Coaching
    Keep everyone in the business on track more often and achieve more using "Inspiration with Accountability".
  • Personal Coaching
    Remove the barriers from your life, get clear on what you want to achieve and create a plan to do it.
  • Group Coaching
    Experience the benefits of synergy, in an environment where you can share and learn from like minded & hearted peers.