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    having it all

    Become and remain the leader among your peers without sacrificing your family, your happiness, your integrity and most importantly, yourself!


    Want to raise the energy at your next conference or event? Engage Shane to be an inspiring keynote speaker, workshop facilitator or MC.


    Establish clarity & accountability around the next steps , capture your vision, objectives and values into an easy to implement plan.

    drive performance

    Take your real estate leadership & business performance to another level, build a winning team & grow your market share

  • Having it all

    Success Without The Side Effects

    The 8 Week Program

    Find the Success Strategy that will help you become and remain the leader among your peers without sacrificing your family, your happiness, your integrity and most importantly, yourself

      • Discover what’s been missing in your business and personal life so you can unlock a higher level of productivity, energy and clarity. 
      • Learn how to re-engage your team so you can keep your business and home life in balance even as you crush your goals. 
      • Learn how to deal with conflict and high pressure situations so you can become an extraordinary leader and decision maker.  
      • Create a game plan for long-term success in your business, your health and relationships by being the best version of yourself.
      • Refine the art of keeping the ‘home fire burning’ with passion and connection so you always have a ‘home team’ advantage.  
      • Master your energy in the boardroom and the bedroom with compassion, confidence and authenticity! 
      • Learn how to keep yourself match fit with personal pride and discipline so you inspire engagement and respect everywhere you go

      Are you ready to show up more powerfully in every area of your life?

      Find the Success Strategy that will help you become and remain the leader among your peers without sacrificing your family, your happiness, your integrity and most importantly, yourself

      • COACHING

        when you ask better questions, you get better answers and ultimately results


        solutions for small business & large corporates

        Success at the highest level involves having a clearly defined Direction, Vision and Values you believe in and stand for. Plus understanding the Intent of your business, other than monetary profits create a meaningful business with a real purpose. When you get clear on these essential elements, recruitment and retention of key team members becomes much more aligned. By capturing all this vital information in an easy to use and evolving business plan helps you as the Business Owner, Principal and/or Manager stay on track more often. With Business Coaching you truly get "Inspiration with Accountability".


        your personal trainer for life and business

        Often in life we know what we need to do, but something or someone gets in the way. And that someone is typically ourselves. Having someone to answer and report to on the tasks we know and need to do, is often enough motivation to get them done. Sometimes we can be so close to the situation, that we can't decide what are the next right steps. Having Shane by your side as your accountability coach, he will assist in getting you out of your own way, provide clarity around the next steps and capture your goals, objectives, mission and vision into an easy to use and implement business or personal plan.


        getting and keeping you on track more often

        Clients often liken Shane to be like their personal trainer for life, inspiring and keeping them accountable to the things that are important, that give them their highest returns and what they define as success, be it time, money, family, or lifestyle. Far from being a “theory expert”, everything Shane teaches and shares, he has done himself and replicated into the lives of his clients. Using these proven and simple Success Acceleration Systems, you find yourself staying on track more often, moving you closer to your desired outcomes in a more efficient, effective and enjoyable manner.

      • keynotes

        raising the energy and engagement

        Conference Solutions


        inspiring keynotes & workshops

        Shane as is a professional speaker and workshop facilitator. His most sort after topics come from his high energy “The X Series”, which are based on his unique blend of experiences from military special forces, highly successful business ownership through to the inner workings of the world’s most secret societies and clubs. All of these topics can be either a keynote and/or break out workshop, customised to meet your conference theme and key message.


        His most popular and requested topic;


        TX or Team eXperience

        “putting the cult back into culture”


        CLICK HERE to view all his topics and speaking website.

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        Let's catch up for a coffee to discuss a customised solution.

      • Drive Performance coaching


        Drive Performance Coaching is a new 12-month program for real estate leaders, designed to help them develop the strategy, people and implementation plan to achieve enhanced business results. The program is custom-made for the real estate profession and crucial for any business leader ready for growth. It’s designed to drive results and culture to the next level of performance.


        As a member, you’ll work with Shane plus other leading industry coaches, connect and share ideas with fellow thought leaders and attend exclusive industry events packed with the cutting- edge ideas and strategies you need to be a dominant market player.


        During the program we will be working on both your "in the moment needs" and the 10 business pillars;



        Performance Culture


        Lead Generation

        Systems and Standards



        Performance Management

        Team Meetings



        This ultimate development and support program is designed to ensure your great intentions turn into actions and brilliant results. It’s all about giving you the support and expertise to set and achieve your goals of what’s truly possible for you and your team.


        Drive is the most comprehensive Leadership Development Program ever offered in the Australian and New Zealand real estate market and we are excited to be able to offer you with the opportunity to participate.


        what our clients say

        Matt Church

        thought leaders

        Shane knows people. He is a great speaker, team builder and Thought Leader on culture, helping businesses grow at the speed of relationships. The principle that we are one click away from any idea or contact is elegant in its simplicity. Work with Shane if you get the chance. A great speaker and coach!

        Pat Mesiti


        Shane Kempton is a master speaker, presenter and facilitator. His capacity to engage an audience and move them to action is world class.
        Do yourself a favour. Book him and let him do what he does best... Build you a better, stronger and more successful business.
        You will never forget him.

        Kirsty Dunphey


        Shane you are as an absolute legend! The event you spearheaded featuring Sir Richard Branson was a roaring success. As MC you controlled and guided the room with your signature style. Congratulations on the $160,000 + tally you raised for the charity. An amazing morning of inspiration and motivation.

        James Limnios

        Limnios Property Group

        Our relationship with Shane has been ongoing now for 5 years and his honesty, energy, enthusiasm, “can do” attitude, “nothing is ever a problem” attitude, awesome people and business skills and the list can go on, is second to none. I feel very positive and enthusiastic about the benefit we have received in this space of time and what we will continue to receive and achieve going forward with Shane. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

        Mark Murphey

        Byfields CPD

        We found his style on the topic of "Inspiration with Accountability" to be both clear and positive, entertaining and informative. He offered sound and experienced guidance in various areas regarding our attitudes to family, business and life in general. This was engaging and energising as it was based around his own personal experiences. We would have no hesitation in recommending Shane as a keynote speaker for your next conference or workshop.

        Sarah Hopkins

        Fairfax Digital

        The Online Classified Team were fortunate enough to engage Shane Kempton to assist in a half day workshop. Shane made a significant impact on every staff member, contributing to the fantastic level of motivation shown in the second half of the day which was business plans for the year. Shane has an innate ability to inspire and motivate whilst remaining down to earth and pragmatic in his approach in building strong and positive teams.

      • about shane

        Success Without The Side Effects

        6 foot, 4 inches tall and 110kg, Shane Kempton is born, bred and proudly Western Australian. He has experienced life and business from many perspectives and at the highest level.


        From serving his country as a Soldier working with the Australian SAS, Business Owner of Australian’s number 1 real estate office, CEO of three national groups, Co Author of 2 books, through to the Founder and President of a Military Motorcycle Club which looks after our latest service veterans.


        Coaching and mentoring a variety of people and companies from many industries, he understands that the principles of success, leadership and fulfillment are the same for individuals and teams alike.


        These same success principles took his Office to Number 1 in Australia, OTOC Australia from $2mil to $50mil in 4 years whilst he was Chairman and the Joondalup Bothers Rugby Union Club to Minor and Major Premiers where he was proudly President and “Club Captain”.


        Blessed with 4 healthy children and three Grand Children, Shane has a strong sense of community responsibility and contributes to it in various ways, including hosting Sir Richard Branson for Breakfast and raising in excess of $160,000 for charity.